Burial Service

Sydney Low Cost Funeral Directors

Serving all Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong Areas



Burial Service         Total Cost       $3,950  (inc gst)  plus cemetery fees

Includes the following:

  • Funeral  Arrangement and Funeral Director’s Services
  • Hearse and Staff for Funeral
  • Funeral Service at your chosen Cemetery
  • A Church or Chapel Service can be included. Please note a service can take place at any Memorial Park Chapel prior to the Burial for an extra $350.
  • Cemetery Arrangement
  • Transfer of Deceased (No after hour’s charge) All Sydney, Central Coast, and Newcastle Areas
  • Care and Dressing of Deceased
  • ‘Society’ Coffin (Choice of polished Rosewood or White)
  • Shroud and Interior Coffin Trim
  • Viewing (if required)
  • Floral Casket Cover
  • Memorial Book (for guests to sign)
  • ‘Thankyou’ Bookmarks  (given to guests on your behalf)
  •  Registration and Death Certificate


Please Remember:

  • Cemetery Fees are not included in the above price
  • If you wish to buy a new plot,  payment can be made prior to the service  
  • If you already own a plot, cemeteries always charge opening/closing fees
  • Prices vary from cemetery to cemetery: Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice



  • Celebrant/Clergy, Arrangement and Fee – $385  
  • Singer/Cantor Hire
  • Organist Hire