Funeral Arrangements

Generally, when making Funeral Arrangements families are dealing with something which is new to them.  They have little or no prior knowledge and are unsure of what to do.  At Calvary Funerals we will try to make the Funeral Arrangement as easy as possible, for those who face this difficult time, to arrange their loved one’s Funerals. We have many years’ experience and knowledge:  This is offered to you in the hope that our services will in some way ease the burden of your loss.  

Once you get in touch and decide to use our Funeral Services we will arrange to have your loved-one brought into our care at Calvary Funerals, as soon as possible. 

If the death is expected and occurs at home, first contact should be made with the family doctor who will arrange for the medical certificates to be issued.  Then, call Calvary Funerals, where one of our helpful staff will advise you further.

If the death occurs in a Nursing Home or Hospital the family member should ask the staff of the establishment to contact Calvary Funerals who will take full control of the situation on your behalf.

If the death is unexpected immediately call 000.  The Ambulance staff and Police will take control of the situation and assist you in whatever way they can.

The Police will arrange for a contracted undertaker to take the deceased into  the care of the Coroner.