Basic Cremation

Sydney Low Cost Funeral Directors

Serving all Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Wollongong Areas

Low Cost Basic Cremation


(no hidden costs and inclusive of GST)

The Basic Low Cost Cremationis designed to provide a Dignified Simple Funeral to people who do not require all the standard services normally offered by us.

 The ‘Low Cost Basic Cremation’ package includes:

  • Transfer of deceased from place of death into our care in customised transfer vehicle – $350
  • Storage, Preparation, Dressing and Viewing of deceased –  Complimentary
  • All Sydney and Central Coast Areas  (No after hours’ charge) (e.g. Palmdale Memorial Park; Manager: Mr Fraser)
  • Funeral Arrangements and Professional Services – $1370.00
  • The Funeral Director’s attendance, and Staff to Conduct Funeral – $300.00
  • Payment/Arrangement of Crematorium/Chapel Fee – $1400.00
  • ‘Trend Coffin’ – $500.00
  • Floral Tribute / Seasonal Flowers – $100.00
  • Registration and Death Certificate – $60.00
  • Memorial Book for guests to sign – Complimentary
  • Cremation Papers and Doctors’ Fees or arrangement of Coroner’s Certificates – $220.00


  • Please Note:  If required, we can contact a Celebrant to carry

           out the service on your behalf for an additional fee of $385.




  •  Arrangement or payment of Non-Essential Disbursements

           (e.g) Newspaper Notices, Service Booklets/Cards, Catering…..


A Basic Cremation Service will go direct or meet mourners at the Crematorium.